1. Overview of Automation technologies for libraries
  • Application of Library automation in Libraries
  • Generation of computer and ILMS solutions
  • Various automation solution for the libraries
  • Automation technologies in LIS education
  • Present status of Library automation in libraries
  1. Integrated Library Management Solutions (ILMS)
  • Open source Vs. Proprietary solutions
  • Technical skills for management of ILMS
  • Tendering for procurement of ILMS solutions
  • Impact of ILMS in housekeeping and user services
  • Cost benefit analysis of automation
  • Various standards in ILMS like Z39.50, MARC, etc.
  1. Advances in Library automation in digital era
  • Application of RFID devices in libraries
  • Integration with discovery services like Vufind, etc.
  • Pros & Cons of cloud based solutions
  • ERP solutions for libraries
  1. Data Migration: issues and challenges
  • Impact of data migrations on library services
  • Various tools and techniques of data migration
  • Up-gradation issues of ILMS and Digital solutions
  • Data migration and integration of library solutions
  1. Limitations and management of automation solutions
  • Community support Vs. Vendor support
  • Shortcomings in ILMS solutions in Indian context
  • Crowdfunding for Open source  ILMS solutions, etc.
  1. Automations of digital library system and services
  • Digital library solutions
  • Impact of automation on digitization process
  • Automation of digital document storage and retrieval
  • Scanners and digitization standards
  1. Mobile technologies
  • Advancement of mobile technologies for libraries
  • Mobile App and its relevance in modern context
  • Kindle and App based e-book readers
  • QR codes and its applications in libraries
  1. Impact of Web 2/3.0 technology in Libraries
  • Information retrieval systems and services
  • Application of Web 2/3.0 in automation of solutions
  • Design and development of social OPAC
  • Social media integration with library solutions

Above are the main themes but authors are encouraged to write on case studies, theoretical papers, etc. in any area of library automation technologies like reference management tools, high-end automatic scanners, etc.

Guidelines for Author/s


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