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About Event

Automation is considered to be the backbone of any system and services in modern environment, but technological enhancement makes things obsolete quickly. So to cope with these changes and user’s requirement the automation solutions need to be upgraded for next generation. Many of the libraries especially in developing countries are still facing difficulties for the automation of the libraries but Open source solutions have resolved such issues up to some extent.

The National conference on “Library Automation Technologies for Next-Gen Libraries” one week (5 days) event is planned in such a way that participants can get a hands-on experience on most popular open source ILMS Koha and digitization solution DSpace. Various present and future challenges will be shared by experts from many domains of knowledge during conference and workshop. Advance level training will be provided to a limited number of participants from various corner of the country, and the limited number of papers will be accepted for presentation and publications in a conference volume. Best paper presentation award will be given to participant for their contribution.


  • To explore the advanced automation solutions of the libraries at present and future.
  • To share the expertise on various technical challenges while handling automated libraries.
  • To share the various hardware/software skills required for Next-Gen Libraries.
  • To provide advanced level hands-on training on Koha ILMS and DSpace.

Who can participate?

Library and information professionals, computer professionals, library service providers, students, research scholars, social and engineering scientist, etc. can participate in this event.